4 Interesting SoundCloud Music Promotion Tricks for Beginners

SoundCloud is one of the most important music communities online. This platform has provided young musicians and singers, a perfect space to share their music and get recognition. But, gaining prominence in this swarm of online platforms and rising music stars is not that easy. Soundcloud has some of the most talented musicians, and getting past the noise to gain recognition is a big challenge. 

But, you have access to some amazing and helpful tools too. Soundcloud has made sure that skillful youngsters can get exposure. However, you must know the tits and bits of this platform so that you can utilize it to the best. Here are 4 interesting Soundcloud promotion tricks for beginners that can help them rise!

Use Marketing Tools:

Marketing your music is not that complicated; you have a lot of options to choose from. You can pick music channels and see how they work, to utilize them in the best way. Soundcloud itself has a lot of marketing tools within it, which can be used to boost your presence. A lot of musicians do not invest in them, and this is where they go wrong. Make sure to utilize these tools for your benefit.

Tag your Music:

Tagging your music is crucial, as this is the only way that the audience will discover you. It makes you discoverable. Thus, the better and relevant your tags are, the more audience you stir towards yourself. Being honest is the key to success here. If you have made a cloud groover track, then make sure that you have it mentioned in your tags. It should be your main genre. You can add moods to your track too so that people in that certain mood can relate with you and your music.

Album Art:

It is essential to get your album art right if you wish to get recognition on Soundcloud. For instance, if a blogger embeds your track on their blog, your album art will be seen there. Similarly, if you share your track on Facebook, your album art pops up there too. Thus, it is crucial to get it right and make it amazing. It represents your music, no matter where it is posted. Therefore, put in a lot of effort into the album art and make it stand out.

Publish your best:

You know when your track is the best, and you are your worst critic too. Thus, analyze your work until the end. A critical analysis is very important to get it all right. Once you are satisfied, share your work; publish it only when it is best, and you feel like it is worth going out there to the audience. This might not seem a huge trick, but a lot of beginners post tracks for the sake of posting something. This is not the right approach. Only publish your best work. 


SoundCloud is a huge music tool, and you have to understand it, to get it right. Maintaining your motion on the platform and using its marketing tools will help you promote your music in the best way. Also, make sure you only post your best work and nothing “too random.” You can also seek help from professionals to give your music an extra boost. Visit the Social Reseller here smm panel and take a look at all the amazing social media marketing services that they offer. If you want to be a shining star, do allow them to manage and promote your music in the best way.