How to Protect Yourself From a Home Invasion

Home invasion is one of the most disturbing and dangerous criminal situations that occur in America today. Victims of this crime are at risk of robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and even death in the worst case scenario. No crime is ever 100% preventable, but taking care in securing your home put you and your family at the least risk.

In 2012, the last year that we have full detailed crime statistics, the FBI reported that there were a total of 292,074 robberies across the United States. When we talk about a home invasions, statistics can be tricky to obtain, because the crime doesn’t explicitly exist as a chargeable offense. These crimes usually fall under robberies, as they’re the act of illegal entry to a property with the aim of taking something by force. The other side of home invasion falls under aggravated assault. Of the robberies committed in 2012, almost 50,000 of them were committed in a residence, this is where we find the home invasions. With a statistic that high, are you willing to leave your safety up to chance?

These crimes could be a simple robbery including breaking and entering, or could escalate to situations where assault, sexual assault, abduction, or even homicide. Criminals are brazen enough to enter your home while you and your family are inside, maybe even while you’re sleeping and vulnerable. Taking steps to reduce the appeal of your home to would be invaders is the simplest and most effective protection against these crimes.

Many people still consider breaks-ins to be random crimes of opportunity, but in fact criminals look for targets where all of the elements are in their favor. Changing some small things around your home can cover all of the necessary precautions that will make your home a less desirable target, and protect your family from becoming the next victims.

The Importance of High Quality Locks

An obvious element but one that is so important, the locks on your home could prevent and deter intruders even before they’ve made it through your door. Locks should always be professionally installed by a reputable locksmith and deadbolts are still the standard to go for. Doors should remain closed and locked at all times, even during the day.

Doors and Windows

Locks are one thing but what good is a lock without a high quality door? Solid wood doors prevent forced entry as they’re harder to break in, and if you have glass doors around the home, they should be aluminum or solid wood, with double paned glass. The windows you have installed should also be double paned, and kept closed or secured with quality locking latches that open only enough for ventilation.

Outside Lighting

At night, a dark exterior could make all the difference in how appealing your home is to an intruder. Motion based security lighting is an effective method of deterrence, and it also provides a warning system of any outside activity, giving you time to react.

Shrubs and Trees

High density landscaping can make your home an easy target. Homes that concealed from the roadside are more at risk, so homeowners should strike a balance between privacy and security. Keep large trees and foliage to a minimum, and your windows should be unobstructed by shrubs or climbing foliage.

Home Alarm Systems

One critical aspect of safety is the home alarm. An excellent defense against trespassers and intruders, the initial investment is far outweighed by the security advantage. Alarm systems can be multi-zoned, allowing you to leave outside sensors on even while you’re in the home. A monitored system provides the most benefit, giving you additional peace of mind and support from security personnel when the alarm is triggered.

Protecting your family from home invasion is as simple as being aware of the dangers and remaining vigilant. When the consequences of this crime are so dire, ignoring home security is a mistake that you don’t want to make.

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