What To Consider When Buying Log Cabin Homes

For hundreds of years people have built their homes from wood. Since the industrial revolution more and more people start to build their houses with bricks and concrete because buildings made with concrete and bricks last longer and are more durable. However, with the increased global demand for houses log cabin homes are making a comeback.

Today people do not want just a simple, solid square building, painted brown or white, which looks the same as your neighbor’s home. People need something special and totally different. A log cabin home offers many benefits. According to the University of Columbia, log cabin homes ensure low heating and cooling costs, because of the density of the logs. Homes that are produced from the wood use less energy for heating and cooling than traditional homes. It is very important for both the builders and the consumers. Log homes are energy-efficient homes. For example, wooden houses with walls about 6 inches thick can expect to save between 6 percent and 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. What is more, log homes are very cozy and warm because they are built very tightly. If you want to save on heating and cooling bills, you should definitely choose living in a log cabin house.

One more benefit of owning a log cabin house is a great chance to have a house in a lonely place, unknown forest area or wherever you want it to be. You should always remember that your house is your forestry that has to meet all your needs and wants. Living in a log cabin home gives a possibility to become an interior designer and to beautify the walls, floors, rooms and everything else by yourself. Logs can add a sense of consistency to the design of your log cabin home. Or, maybe you would prefer to cover your dwelling in straw or bark for that rustic feel.

People are interested in sustainable development and ecology and this is increasing each year. Today, all log cabin homes suppliers source their wood from renewable sources. This ensures the future of everyone involved in that industry. One more important thing to consider is the type of logs used as they can give a completely different look to your house. You can use handcrafted logs or milled logs which are cut to fit together.

Many of today’s log houses are prefabricated. A prefabricated modular house is a house built from wooden panels which are made in the factory and assembled on the site of the construction. The construction of the modular house consists of a wooden frame, panels, and insulation materials. So when the prefabricated log house arrives on-site to be erected, everything fit together perfectly. It is dramatically important when you are building a wooden home or any wooden structure that is to last for years because the gaps let in the rain and wind. Wooden structures are usually very durable, strong, and beautiful. They are particularly suited to rural settings, summer houses, and to add more buildings to your property. They can also be used for pool houses, garden offices, garages, stables, and much more.

With the coming of modern building technologies log cabin homes are now popular in many suburban areas as well as rural locations. Today these wooden buildings are built from pre-milled logs and usually come in kit form. The logs are visible as the exterior and usually interior of the home. Many people dream of owning a beautiful log cabin in their area. Of course, it is a very lovely dream and if you spend your time properly planning your project, you will get an ideal home. Log cabin homes are ideal as play rooms, gyms, pool houses, garden offices.

The next step is to decide the plot. Your plot will set some of the restrictions placed on your home. You have to consider the square footage you want as well as such things as access to conveniences and services such as power and water. Depending on the plot you will need to consider sourcing a water supply. A major consideration for a log cabin build is how you will cool and heat it. Wood burning stoves have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are practical, efficient, and cheap to use. If you are thinking about this type of heating, proper routing of the chimney is essential. Of course, there are many types of heating you can consider but non that will blend in with the cabin theme as well as a wood stove. The best locations are those that are on high ground. Water runs down from hills into low lying land.

You should also explore all the different home plans. Of course, you will discover that there are many builders who specialize only in log cabin building and they may be able to suggest the type of house suitable for your site or they may even be able to build one for you. When you are done, you will have your own personal cabin to enjoy. You can meet that dream of living in a house that is sturdy, durable, and rustic.

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